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About Global Future Institute

The Global Future Institute which we later call as GFI was established on 11 October 2007. GFI was initiated by its five founding members, namely Hendrajit, Harri Samputra Agus, Adriyanto, Joko Wiyono, dan Hamzah Fansyuri.

The idea of the GFI’s establishment is because of our concern to largely play Indonesian foreign policy role amid the increasing global-scale competition among the world powers such as the United States of America, the People’s Republic of China, European Union and Russia.

GFI holds that as the state having since the beginning espoused a free and active foreign policy, Indonesia should have been capable of anticipating any global change in the future. At this point, GFI through its programs and activities is, once again, determined to help create such a conducive situation so that the Indonesian foreign policy can actively take part in influencing any development in the global scale by mobilizing its all national resources.

Thus, GFI as a non-partisan and profit institution seeks to prioritize its programs to involve strategic network of thinkers in various strategic sectors either the government or private. The sectors, among others, are from the department of foreign affairs, state and private universities, think-thank institutions which focus their concern on strategic studies and international relations, political parties, mass organizations, religious figures, mass media and NGOs in general.

The Main Issues of GFI

As part of maximizing Indonesian foreign policy, it is inevitable to have deep insights and understanding in regard with the constellation and the relationship dynamics among the world’s powerful countries and the regional security situation especially in the Southeast “ASEAN” Asian region in which Indonesia is one of the main actors.

For that reason, there are strategic issues that will be the main focus of GFI. 
1.    The shift of the U.S. foreign policy from time to time.
2.    The rise of China as a new powerful country.
3.    The coming of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) initiated by China and Russia.
4.    The rise of India as a new power in Asia.
5.    Various border conflicts which occur especially in ASEAN region.
6.    The weak of the Indonesia’s bargaining power in ASEAN.
7.    There is no synchronization between foreign policy and diplomacy.
8.    The potential of threats from East Asia especially from Japan and China.

To more intensively follow-up the strategic issues, GFI will focus its studies and researches on global geostrategic developments, including the latest dynamics in regard with the relationship among the world’s powerful countries and their relationship with other countries throughout the world like Middle East, East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Persian Gulf, Latin America and so on.
To realize all this, GFI will hold a series of programs and activities such as research, seminar, education, international exchange and building networks as well as relationship with those who are much more concerned about issues like foreign policy of RI, international relations, diplomacy, economy and so on.
Indonesia as axis and solution to the global future
1.    Raising public awareness about the global situations and their impacts so that Indonesian people will have insights and clear understanding as part of efforts to play their role as key actors in a global competition.
2.    Making GFI as such reference and model in understanding global constallation and solution for positioning itself as equal actor in conducting international cooperations with developed countries.
3.    Gradually striving to provide literatures and information access in terms of the development and the dynamics in powerful countries and their relationship with other countries in regions throughout the world.
4.    Supporting any program which is aimed at increasing Indonesians’ awareness and international communities of any possible conspiracy and scenario that is both arranged and designed by various global powers.
5.    Making use of the importance of information technology and communication (ITC), especially website to socialize and publish various researches, studies, analyses, and reports that become the main focus of GFI as a think-thank.
6.    Endorsing the implementation of non-formal educations like courses and trainings in the field of diplomacy, strategic studies and international relations, intelligence, foreign languages and so on.
7.    Building networks and communities whose a great interest in foreign policy and international affairs and building global business networks and communities.
To achieve the vision and mission, GFI focuses its activities on its main programs:
1.    Holding internal and external meetings.
2.    Conducting studies program.
3.    Conducting corporate program.
4.    Conducting fundraising and business development program.
5.    Recruiting  fellow experts and network Associates.
6.    Conducting administration, institutional and membership program.
To achieve the short-term goals from a series of activities above, GFI has launched a website http://www.theglobal-review.com as a means of publishing and disseminating all outcomes of the activities conducted by GFI like seminar, research, study and so forth.

In principle the base of thinking upon the series of activities conducted by GFI is that all the activities will expectedly produce and publish books, journals, monographs and many other publications.

To bridge all this the website (http://www.theglobal-review.com) managed by GFI will temporarily be used as data and information basis in which Indonesian people and those living in other countries can directly access any update including the results of any study and research provided by GFI.

As a matter of fact, all results of the meetings, researches, studies and analytical reportages or news in terms of the global and regional dynamics can quickly and widely be socialized through our website. All this is, again and again, aimed at documenting all data and information that appear in headings and archive heading.

Board of GFI

Executive Director: Hendrajit
Program Director of Geopolitics and Regional Study: M. Arief Pranoto
Director of Public Diplomacy: Sudarto Murtaufiq
Director of Cultural Diplomacy: Andrianto
Director of Legal:
Harri Samputra Agus
Director of Education and Training:
Agus Setiawan
Director of Business Development:
Director of International Business and Economic:
Ferdiansyah Ali


Operational Staff:

  • Publishing Manager: Maryanto
  • Marketing Manager: Kori Soenarko


Research Associate:

  • Hawe Setiawan
  • Rahadi Teguh Wiratama
  • Eka Hindra
  • Dina Y Sulaeman


Junior Research Associate:


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