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Adji Subela, Senior journalist and social /cultural analyst
Chinese warship often guarding illegal fishing activities?

It is interesting to know the statament made by Captain Samson, commander of one of our maritime patrol boats, in the Metro TV's Mata Najwa, Wednesday (11/02) night. In an interview with the Minister of Marine and Fisheries Susi Pudjiastuti, Najwa Shihab asked the captain about his experience during 15 years in charg

Captain Samson said, his ship had often caught Chinese fishermen fishing illegally in our waters near the South China Sea. When the ships were driven out, then Chinese warships came and chased our patrol boats in our own waters. By calculation that our boats are made of fiberglass while theirs are made of iron, our boats had to escape. Captain Samson said it is grateful for having minister who has the courage to act decisively until he and his friends felt supported.

This information is not actually new, but openly in a public forum, it is interesting enough, for being stated directly by the captain. Even the host repeatedly asked for clarification of the Chinese warships guarding their fishermen in doing illegal fishing in our waters.

Please, are we still willing to see our sovereignty of the nation and the state in the waters to be easily hijacked by foreigners? And do we not believe or care that the position of Indonesia located in between two continents and two oceans, is very strategic?

It is a pinch of additional information: United States has considered deploying its warships in Southeast Asia. That is all. Please think about the problem, including will our yard be the "cockfighting" arena for big countries. I want to sleep again.

Of the yard of Klampis Ireng

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