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The philosophy of knitting, knitting the state
Author : Pipit Apriani, research associate of the Global Future Institute

Anytime I knit, there are always some commenting, "Well, I'm definitely impatient to see the tangled threats. I'll just cut the threads." It is easier to cut the tangled threads, but later the threads will be cut into pieces, could not be used again. Although connected, the connection will damage the beauty of the end result of our knitting.

Just like the state. When there are problems, ranging from possible protests to uprising, the easiest way is "cutting" or quelling it by force of arms, but what happens is that a half-hearted peace peace. There is resentment in the hearts of people and followers of the protests. And all this could destroy the beauty of the life of the state.

These tangled threads are like a country that has so many problems and sometimes so complicated. All the problems are mounting. I has a special expertise to work with the tangled threads. Instead of pulling out and would make the vertices of threads everywhere and even interfere with my work and spoil the look of knitwear or mine later, I just shook the piles of threads. Automatically, the threads will be away and the flow of threads could easily be found.  It will, in turn, be found that the threads knot in the flow itself.

In the life of the state as well, when there is a problem why not all involved in the problem reflect for a moment and find a way out that has not been found when all individuals have to hold their own points of view. Probably, the problem lies in ourselves and in our group, but we've insisted on blaming other groups.

To get a beautiful knitting, I chose the model that I had formerly wanted and of course its pattern. So that when knitting, I've imagined what I would produce. Those who are experts, will design and draw the pattern before knitting.

In the state, we also have a paper pattern that is the (1945) Constitution. There we can see and imagine what will become of our country with this Constitution. In the life of (political) parties there are so-called AD / ART (basic legal instruments / regulations). Both the Constitution and AD / ART previously designed by our predecessors could be imagined how the shape of the country (party) and the statehood (partisan) of ours in the future. So, In regard with the state and belonging to a party (in modern life), look at and study the Constitution, the Act and the AD / ART, never improvise blindly. If the knitting is deviated from its pattern, the result is so different, let alone the state.

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