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List of world's best airlines for 2016 revealed

Skytrax's annual list of the world's top airlines for 2016 was released on Tuesday, with Dubai-based airline Emirates retaining the top prize for the fourth time, followed by Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines, ranked second and third, respectively.

National flag carrier Garuda Indonesia, which secured the eighth spot last year, no longer remains in the top ten. Despite slipping to 11th place, Garuda has secured the top prize for the world's best cabin staff for the third straight year. To celebrate the honor, Garuda cabin staff reportedly entertained guests at the awards ceremony at Farnborough Air show in Hampshire, England, by performing a live traditional dance.

"Service delivery is one of our biggest concerns, as well as safety and security. After winning the award in previous two years, we are committed to giving our best to all passengers, mainly because we do understand that to maintain the prestigious title is way harder than to achieve it," said Garuda Indonesia president director and CEO M. Arif Wibowo in a press release on Tuesday.

AirAsia also maintained its dominance as the world's best low-cost airline for the eight consecutive year. In addition to that, its long haul AirAsia X has also been recognized for having the best low-cost airline premium cabin and premium seating.  

London-based Skytrax is an international air transportation rating organization that undertakes qualitative product, service and passenger audits and research studies for airlines and airports. Its annual World Airline Awards involves surveying over 19 million passengers from 104 citizenships who evaluate 41 criteria of product performances and airline services. (kes)

Top 10 airlines of 2016
1. Emirates
2. Qatar Airways
3. Singapore Airlines
4. Cathay Pacific
5. All Nippon Airways (ANA)
6. Etihad Airways
7. Turkish Airlines
8. EVA Air
9. Qantas Airways
10. Lufthansa

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