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Reading issues and false flag operation
Author : M. Arief Pranoto, Director of the Geopolitics and Regional Studies Program of Global Future Institute (GFI)

Apparently, false flag operation has become a new way and mode in geopolitics, especially for the political or ruling elite in maintaining and / or seizing power, or raising their political prestige. --- Strategic (national-regional and global) environment has given learning point a lot about it. There have been many examples. However, before going any further, there will be explained first regarding political issues and how the false flag operation is conducted.

False flag operation is a series of high-level intelligence operation in scapegoating a particular case with the intention of grabbing public opinion. The goal is making public believe things they did and said. Cases or events that occur could be real ones (without being engineered, they just take advantage of such cases or events). But the cases were often the result of being engineered or "conditioned" (created conditions). In essence, as if working for the interest of opponent whereas it is solely for their own interest.

The main ingredient of a false flag operation is the actual political issues (trending issues), such as democracy, intolerance, corruption, communism, tyranny leaders, and others, depending on the situation.

The  false flag operation, in addition to maintaining the powers (for the regime at that time), is also aimed at increasing the popularity or prestige of politics in people's eyes as a result of "political burnout" because the regime may no longer be popular, or too long in power, and / or just test the water, "a refreshing political" and others.

In the Old Order era, for example, the actual political issue was counter-revolution. in other words, to beat the opposing political opponents --- the political elite and the rulers at that time just raised the issue and then through a false flag operation, political opponents were killed. It was the same as that in New Order. The actual issues were communism / PKI or subversive. Then, through these issues, they thrashed their political opponents. It is not the same as that in the Reform era. Inevitably that the issue of corruption is now considered the favorite mode and the actual means of silencing (imprisoning) political opponents.

Between issues and false flag operation could be one package or indeed a series of scenarios, or sometimes a standing alone operation --- just taking advantage of or riding on real events, for being already conditioned.

It becomes inevitable if in every false flag operation there is always "victim" and / or "those victimized." That indeed is common in the political world. The victim could be a person, group, or even line of thought and ideology (I do not want to mention religion), depending on how the scenario is run.

Around the 2015's in Russia, Putin succeeded in raising his political prestige through false flag operation by means of "disappearing from the public." The issue was scattered thereby. Some said he was ousted by the military, or he visited his girlfriend having given birth and so on. Russia had a tantrum because of his "disappearance". This ordinance can also be referred to test the water, seeing the ripples of water (public) through a stone's throw (issue). Dipping into people's loyalty to their leader. Including in 2016 when he returned from the G20 summit in China, his car was hit by an unknown person and the driver was killed. Putin was not in the car. The world was in an uproar. But in recent days, that collision is part of a false flag operation in order to raise the Putin's political prestige at global forums, especially in the country he leads.

The 5 (five) hour Coup in Turkey too. This is an example of false flag operation packed neatly by Recep Tayep Erdogan due to the situation consideration. It is reasonable. Any regime, certainly does not want any "twin solar" in his reign. There are no eternal friends and enemies but interests. Why? Erdogan and (Fethullah) Gulen actually became friends, even made a coalition to win Erdogan in the 2002 general elections, including tacking the Ergenekon and Bolyus coup controlled by the secular groups in 2004. Erdogan exerted the Gulenis influence in prosecutor institutions and police intelligence to uncover a plot created by the secular groups.

Not doubt that the influence of Gulen in Turkey is very large. His movement is not only focused on religious and social fields, but also his network in various lines such as the military, police, judiciary, bureaucracy, and so on. Even more broadly, his network spread to overseas where cadres are subject to a single command (Gulen). Unfortunately, in the eyes of Erdogan, the Gulenis movement is judged not to be working as the holder of the highest power in Turkey. In short, the government under the Erdogan's leadership did feel threatened by the Gulen movement. So they made a false flag operation entitled: "5 Hour Coup" as reported by various media. The point is to get rid of Gulen and his loyalists of the government of Turkey.

No wonder it is relatively short --- 5 hours --- Erdogan was able to arrest some 124 General (35%) of the 358 Generals of the Turkish armed forces, and 83 of his ranks of Brigadier General and Rear Admiral, because undoubtedly the Gulen loyalists had been mapped first by Erdogan. Please compare the handling of the coup in Turkey with the handling of three terrorists on Jalan Tamrin, Jakarta, which took more than 5 hours.

Reflecting on the case in Turkey, there are four (4) learning points: (1) there should be no twin solar in a power, (2) the issue sown is that: "the Gulenis movement endangers the government;" (3) false flag operation entitled: "Rebellion," and (4) Gulen and his loyalists are "the ones victimized".

And apparently, in China there will likely be similar event as that in Turkey. Why? Beside the Xi Jinpiang's position as leader is relatively long, some mass media in China have now built the opinion that "there is a secret movement to depose Xi Jinping." Whether the potential of the movement is real or not or a created issue to justify the action if later the (false flag operating) is played. Apparently, Xi will possibly imitate the pattern of Erdogan or Putin that is simply refreshing to maintain their power. This is a creative destruction. The assumption is that when the aura of power tends to be unpopular it is necessary to launch a creative destruction to re-raise the prestige of power.

The actual issue likely brought in by the XI's false flag operation is corruption, since the Chinese government has now been intensively combating corruption. The inquiring question is that, "Is there now a twin solar in China; and who is the figure going to be a victim and / or victimized when the Xi false flag operaton is later held? "

The above description is not a text book, which became a reference to give answers to the question. Not. Again, this article is just an analysis of the various phenomena in (global) politics concerning false flag operation. There is no intention to patronize anyone, especially experts and competent authorities. Just sharing knowledge.


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