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By: Ahya Firmansyah
Trust the Legal Process 100%

The development of the Defending Islamic rally should be stopped. No more rally is required. The demonstrators no longer have any reason for rally as their demands are met. On this matter, Police Chief Tito Karnavian already made an official statement that this case should be entrusted to the legal procedures so it will not harm the law itself, because we are a law-based state where the law must be upheld. Ahok case has been handed over to the Attorney General for further process and trial. The fact that Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok) is not detained although he was named suspect, is due to his candidacy in the 2017 election, and therefore he has the right to hold campaign until there is a verdict.

Considering his candidacy, the Police will let Ahok use his rights as a governor candidate. As a good citizen we must respect this decision. A governor candidate will only lose his rights if he was proven guilty in a crime by the court formally (inkracht van gewijsde). To note, the General Elections Commission Regulation (PKPU), No. 9, 2016, article 88 paragraph 1 item b states: "The Candidate Pair proven convicted a felony punishable of imprisonment for a minimum of 5 (five) years or more under a court decision that has had permanent legal force, prior to voting day. "

Peace, tranquility, and our survival as a nation are more important.  Such rally might have disturbed the people who did not join the action and have entirely trusted the proceeding to the authorities. Thus, the next rally should not be created. Do not let us disturb each other in society.

We know that Jakarta as the capital is a busy city. If these actions continue, the society will be impacted. Without any demonstration, Jakarta is already jammed, this will create a detriment for the other party. In fact, the demands of the demonstrators have been met. Police has other cases to deal with, not just this blasphemy case that indeed has been processed and is in progress.

The law enforcement in the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) can now be said to be fairly in a mess. The whole country is stormy just because of one case, namely the case of blasphemy committed by Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama alias Ahok (Governor Candidate of DKI) in which creating friction (domino effect) in all aspects of state and making other problems that hit the country be neglected. The Police Chief is busy explaining to the media about the Ahok case in order to maintain stability and security of the state.

On the other hand, there are those who take advantage of this case to make the state becomes chaotic and fragmented. It can also disrupt our economy that today is also not in a good condition. The Government is now aggressively fixing the economy by issuing Tax Amnesty policy to increase the income of the country. The rally, however, will pose a negative effect towards the economy. So, let the legal process continue and we wait for the results. NKRI is ours, do not harm it with our own interests, and respect the interests of others who also own this country.

Social, Politics, and Environmental observer.

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