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Houses of worship of six religious communities built in Kupang

The district administration of Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), is building houses of worship for six religious communities in the same location called Village of Tolerance.

The Houses of worship of Catholic, Protestant, Islam, Hindu, Buddha and Confucius are to be built standing side by side in the Naibonat area of Kupang Timur sub-district, in Kupang District.

"As head of the district administration I am proud that the plan could be implemented after land clearing problem has been resolved," Kupang Regent Ayub Titu Eki told reporters here on Saturday (Jan. 7) after the groundbreaking ceremony to mark the start of work to build the houses of worship.

The regent said the project will serve as an adhesive to foster religious harmony and interfaith tolerance already well preserved in this district.

"I thank all involved in the plan to build the Village of Tolerance," he said.

Chairman of the Committee for the Development of the Village of Tolerance Anselmus G Djobo said, "We want to increase the values of harmony and brotherhood in performing religious activities in the same location."

The Village of Tolerance would be a fortress of faith against ideology seeking to sow seeds of religious conflicts in the region, Anselmus, the initiator of the project, said.

"Religious harmony would contribute to national defense. East Nusa Tenggara borders on two foreign countries - Timor Leste and Australia," he said.

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