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By: Kurniadi *)
Empowering Students to Face Global Threats

There is not a nation that is free from the influence and pitfalls of globalization, so that only the intellect and unity in the nation that will determine whether the nation will be a winner or loser (Stiglitz, 2006).

Reflecting the present circumstances, there are a lot of the dynamics of the problems that we have to deal with foreigners who have made no comfort for our country and young people today are the future leaders or successors of our nation, and this certainly fits the context of the current 71 years of Indonesian independence which many dynamics following it from the start of this country establishment, the process of proclamation of independence until dynamics after independence until now filled with polemic perceived by the public.

The dynamics that develop within countries also greatly influenced by countries around Indonesia. The relationship of human interaction in a society in the beloved country is certainly undeniable impact of changes in both small and large scale within the system of culture in society. To maintain the existence of the country is certainly needed a big idea or slogan to bind loyalty of society that composed of many factions to achieve the benefit of the nation.
In the process of interaction which is a necessity of everyone to form a group is certainly going to be a problem in itself. Moreover, a group of people who have joined in the global state order that would shape the country was having a dream or its own direction. Imperialism or both break down walls and build the world into one global unification to occur.

The main culprit in this global process of global unification for the sake of the labor market and pioneered by the industrial revolution. Global unification process was driven by the fall of transport costs due to steam engines and trains as well as telecommunications costs decrease by telegraph, telephone, satellite and fiber optics. The force behind this era of globalization is a breakthrough in the field of hardware originated from the steamer and train up the phone and computer.

Proxy War and Global Threats

When it viewed from the opinions of various experts from several disciplines, the challenges and threats faced by Indonesia in today's global era, among others: First, the negative effects of globalization is to inhibit the development of quality Indonesian administration in order to compete in the free market era. Indonesia’s human resources and Indonesia's young generation with indoctrination accompanied and materials that would be an agent of foreign countries. If they become the nation's leader in the future Indonesia will be controlled by the government of the foreign country.


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Second, foreign countries will conduct large-scale Investments in the field of strategic industries in order to take control of strategic industrial sectors in Indonesia (oil and gas, electric mining communications, satellite main tool for military weapon systems (Alutsista).

Third, the foreign party trying to create aregionaland the world free trade pact so that local products of Indonesia became depressed and destroyed. Do the penetration, infiltration bribery, collusion with the Indonesian lawmakers that legal product strategy will benefit foreigners.

Fourth, the proxy-war agents those create terrorist groups in Indonesia, so that on the pretext of fighting terrorism the world, foreigners can freely intimidation and interference into Indonesia with a pretext to destroy terrorism.

Fifth, purchasing and controlling of mass media, both print and electronic, to createpublic opinion which prosper foreign parties. Mastering the high-level of technology and communication industry, such as satellite communications interception and monitoring all conversations Indonesian officials.


Source: Google

Sixth, divide and destroy the young generation of Indonesia with drugs, promiscuity, and consumer culture. Making Indonesia the market to foreign products.
The views of the problems are referred to a proxy war. Proxy or a proxy war is a war that occurs when opponents force to use a third party instead of fighting each other directly. While power is sometimes used as a proxy government, non-state actors of violence, and mercenaries, other third parties is used more often is hoped that these groups could attack the opponent without causing a full-scale war.

Performers of proxy war are not only fought to have a pure proxy war, but as a group fighting for a particular nation usually has their own interests, which may deviate from those of their patrons. Typically proxy war functioned well during the cold war, because they become a necessity in the conduct of armed conflict between at least two parties at war while continuing cold war.

Groups that address globalization negatively always of the view that globalization is part form of colonialism in the flow of global imperialism. Inevitable consequences of this flow we are required to make a cultural strategy that will create sustain the existence of the state.

Divided and Provoked of College Students

Recognized or not recognized, elements of the student movement in addressing the present context, such as in addressing the case Ahok or report PMKRI against RizieqShihab according to the observations of the author seems element students are divided and provoked by special interest groups, which have this as a negative excess number of elements students suspected of practical politics.

The impact of the divided and provoked of student element in addressing the present context as a case of blasphemy, etc. and the excesses of globalization, among others widespread political provocations among the students utilize elements of blasphemy issue as one of them; the provoked of students element of propaganda that certain do by pro or anti Ahok; The possibility of an element of a student-war pitted by proxy agent in Indonesia, even among elements students will be fragmented; the emergence of a sense of esprit de corps and solidarity is one among the student element in addressing contemporary issues; trigger political instability ahead of the vote in the elections, especially Jakarta, as the issue of excess utilization of blasphemy and last but not least deepens the student movement involved in practical politics.

According to Van Peursen, a strategy of this culture surrounding the results of the work produced by humans in a community of people. The question is now what form of culture that can be used as strategy to maintain the existence of this country? Meanwhile, according to sociologist Prof. Koentjoroningrat, culture consists of three essential elements, namely creativity, taste and intention.

According to the authors, there are some suggestions that need to be implemented by stakeholders, including students and the government in order to empower students to face global threats, among others: first, there needs to be a work program that invites students to "mirror of life" by encouraging the social activities committed by students facilitated by the government such as the Ministry of Research and Technology and Higher Education, the Ministry of Health, as well as The Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and the Ministry of Youth and Sports coordinate with the military such as free medical care, cleaning streets or gutters, promoting the sport with the community, the implementation of community work in the border areas and outer islands etc.

Second, the implementation of the state defense program initiated by the Ministry of Defense must also involve the student element.

Third, the Ministry of Research and Technology and Higher Education together with the Ministry for Community Development and Culture and Rector Forum approached and "influence" the student element to not be too in conducting practical politics with a group of students busy with activities on campus than off campus.

Fourth, the Ministry of Research and Technology and Higher Education together the Ministry of Foreign Affairs element directing and facilitating students to conduct a comparative study between campuses at home and abroad related to overcome the threat of globalization and forge strategic alliances with students from various countries.

*) The author is the observer of Indonesia strategic issues. Staying in Ciamis, West Java.



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