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by: Stanislaus Riyanta *)
Pan Bomb in Cicendo, Existence Message of Radical Group

A loud explosion occurred in the Garden Pandavas Cicendo region, Monday, February 27, 2017 at 9.00 am. Information from sources in the field, the perpetrators named YayatCahdiyat, born in Purwakarta, June 24, 1975 which is located in the village Cukanggenteng, Pasirjambu District of Bandung regency.

Actions performed by using low-intensity panbomb (low explosive). After detonating the bomb, allegedly with the basic ingredients of urea and low-explosivechasing pan, the offender ran to the village and demanded to release a number of people who were arrested by Detachment 88. Although the action of the perpetrator caused no casualties on the part of society, but this is very dangerous.

Unknown perpetrator is a recidivist case of armed training in Aceh from AnsarJamaahTauhid (JAT)network. In JAT organization, the perpetrator known as non-executor of the field but is better known as an ideologue or a person skilled in the cadre or raising.

When the perpetrator is known as an ideologue later become terrorist then there has been a down grade. This shows their adaptation to take action flexibly by utilizing existing resources. Another possibility, JAT didn’t find an executor or brides who are ready to take action, but the message to liberate his friends who were detained Detachment 88 and the existence needs to be shown immediately.

Cicendo action is interesting because similar events have occurred on March 11, 1981. At that time the early hours Kosekta office 65 Bandung was raided by 14 members of Jemaah Imran which resulted in four members of the police were killed. Imran pilgrims carry out attacks at the police station to free CicendoJemaah members Imran arrested members of the police. From the location and messages, and the driving force is almost the same ideology Cicendo then the action is exciting to be studied more in 1981 Cicendo whether the incident was the inspiration for the action Cicendo 2017.


Sources: Google

JAT in Indonesia currently thought to be strongly influenced by Maman Abdurahmanin Nusa Kambangan now. JAT leaders,Maman Abdurahman networkwere ideologically honed through activities and dissemination of doctrines spread by Mamanvisitors in prison. JATfollowers is still have enough strength to spread into small cells which are currently being 'sleep'. These cells if the right momentum, resources are there then it could be a source of serious threat.

The action aims to make existence tend to be weaker. The aim is not to destroy or attack but attract attention. If a lot of people, especially the media do reporting on the action, especially if the news to a worldwide then the action was successful enough, even so the message delivered more hit then the identity of the offender and his group deliberately displayed so easily identified. The existence of very strong motive in this action.

Acts of terror will continue to occur as long as there is still a radical idea in the minds of people. His desire is forced to happened, despite the high risk of death must be lived up to. Radical groups in Indonesia, although the government incentive to do handlingis remain there. They are currently the sleeper cells scattered in many places and are engaged in the movement of individuals or small groups. When the momentum for action they get then the action will occur.

Recessive conditionof ISIS in Syria and our government take the fight against radical groups affect the movement of this group. Communication is limited because worry if being tapped, financial transactions will also be careful because it can be discovered by the authorities. The impact of radical groups migrated into smaller cells in order to survive and unreadable movement by security forces.

The government can prevent such actions through the strengthening of intelligence. Intelligence operations do not only supervise attached to the suspect and potentially be terrorists. Besides, the government needs to keep an eye on the flow of funds from countries that are suspected of radical groups affiliated with radical groups in Indonesia.

The most effective prevention of terrorist acts certainly if people have no awareness of the danger of terrorist acts. If people can be early detection and early prevention to the threat of terror, the motion of the radicals will be very limited and will directly reduce the chances of terrorist acts occur. Conversely, if the community is to give an opportunity to the radical groups, including the seeds of intolerance and sectarianism to flourish, even revered the toll road to the acts of terror actually built by the community.

Society needs to be understood about the threat of terror that has often happened in Indonesia, and this action is likely to occur again very large. The threat of backflow Indonesian ISIS sympathizers from Syria is in sight after the multinational forces to conduct attacks ISIS in Iraq and Syria. If this feedback to collaborate with radical groups that exist in Indonesia, the great power of radical groups ready for action.

Intelligence and counter terrorism must be strengthened. No need to be paranoid person with intelligence and handling terror. Heightened scrutiny will weaken the government do early detection and prevention.


*) intelligence analysts and terrorism, alumni of the Graduate Studies in Strategic Intelligence, University of Indonesia



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