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Hatta Rajasa and the mystery of the Singapore oil mafia
Author : The Research Team of GFI

Here is an important information which has almost been uncovered by various mass media in the country. Fortunately, the Intelligence Magazine, dated on 5-18 November 2009, raised an important fact, which should considerably be investigated more deeply.

Starting from the news about the big influence of Coordinating Minister for Economic Hatta Rajasa in the arrangement of the second United Indonesian Cabinet, in its development, the information has led to an interesting finding that Hatta Rajasa allegedly had a close relationship with the Singapore-based oil mafia, Mohammad Reza of the Global Energy Resources.

Interestingly,the cabinet intelligence operations in the version of Hatta successfully recommending some 60 percent of his men to be ministers in the SBY's cabinet were reportedly financed by Mohammad Reza.

Even what is more interesting to note here is that, the Global Energy Resources managed by Mohammad Reza, its shares are owned by 5 companies, namely Supreme Energy, Orion Oil, Paramount Petro, Straits Oil, and the Cosmic Petroleum. All the companies are shareholders of Global Energy which are based in the small country: British Virgin Island.

The problem is that, Intelligence Magazine writes in its coverage, some of the companies have a business partnership which tends to be not transparent with the State Oil Company Pertamina. As a result the companies have even been accused of not being efficient and even dragged the President Director of Pertamina served by Arie Soemarno in the time.

Was Hatta Rajasa really involved in the conspiracy business with the Global Energy Resources network based in Singapore? The question is  still in need of more in-depth investigations.

It is a fact tha Hatta Rajasa has since the beginning been a business actor in the field of oil and energy. Before joining the National Mandate Party, Rajasa was known as one of the businessmen who joined the Medco Energy operated by a famous businessman Arifin Panigoro.

Have both Rajasa and Medco also been part of the chain of business networks based in Singaproe? Based on the observation of the Global Future Institute, Arifin Panigoro and Medco business networks could considerably be opposed to the Arie Soemarno's camp along with his business cronies related to the business interests with Pertamina.

Despite being in the political protection of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle at the time, Arie Soemarno had closer relationship with the Taufik Kiemas camp than the Pramono Anung camp whose tendency to the Megawati Sukarnoputri camp.

That is why, although we should appreciate the Intelligence Magazine coverage for fairly giving deep investigations and reports, it seems unfair if we later relate Hatta to the Mohammad Reza's camp and the Global Energy Resources. Nevertheless there is still a possibility that Mohammad Reza and the Global Energy could be related to the Pertamina as a business crony in the era of Arie Soemarno.

At glace Hatta and Taufik Kiemas were in a camp because both are from Palembang. Moreover when Marzuki Alie who is also a son of the Palembang's Democratic Party figure was later elected as spokesperson of the House of Representatives (DPR).

But it would be naive if the Palembang network connection is viewed as a compact group. Hatta Rajasa, the ITB alumnus, even more represents the  ITB connection which makes him in line with and closer to Arifin Panigoro and the PDIP Secretary General Pramono Anung who are from the same party, PDIP.

That way, relating Hatta to Mohammad Reza of the Singapore-based Global Energy Resources, will possibly make us trapped into disinformation.

However, the Intelligence magazine coverage indicating business maneuvers of Mohammad Reza and the Global Energy Resources, should still be considered as valuable information. Because it is not impossible if their movement has now been taken into action aimed at destabilizingthe SBY's government.

The question is, from which door did their network come in? Moreover, at present, such figures as Hatta Rajasa, Vice President Budiono and Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani are the figures whose authority in economic affairs.

But who knows that Hatta Rajasa is a slick player who successfully hides the the real political agenda. That is why, let's wait for the Indonesia's political performances in the coming months.

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