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Open letter of President SBY to the world leaders about humanitarian crisis in Gaza

Yesterday, after a morning with the people of Indonesia celebrating ldul Fitr with calm and peaceful, a great religious day for Muslims, all night I can not close my eyes. Through national and international television, almost every minute, I witnessed the casualties in Gaza as a result of violence and military actions being raged. Almost all of those killed and the Iuka-Iuka is the innocent, helpless and could not save themselves from gunfire and bombs of death of death.

Sobs of mothers who lost their children, and the plight of children who suddenly lost their parents, really pierced my heart most niches within. I am sure, whoever and wherever nation will almost certainly experience the same sadness and heartache witnessed unspeakable human tragedy of it.

As a President who is currently in charge of a country with the world's largest Muslim population, of course I was not just sad and angry. Until recently I was also active in conducting diplomacy and the ministers and Indonesian diplomats, including UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, but the situation in Gaza in fact get worse. Therefore, from Jakarta, I have to shout moral appeal to all nations of the world, particularly the heads of the world, and especially again to the leaders of Israel and Hamas to immediately stop the violence and tragedy in the region. With this appeal I hope the world leaders immediately take shared responsibility and can really do or "forcing" a ceasefire and an end to military operations that seems increasingly indiscriminate.

The ceasefire must be implemented now. Not tomorrow, let alone the next day. With the cease-fire, meaning an Israeli attack by air, sea and land should be stopped. Similarly, those shots of the Hamas rockets must end, so that reply reply actions or not to continue the cycle of violence. Actions of political and military leaders to continue military operations today will only further add to the casualties, including children, women and elderly groups.

It's all already hit the legal, moral and ethical war, which must be upheld in a civilized world.

Although I am a Muslim, I do not see this problem in terms of religion. I do not associate my mind and call it with the Islamic, Jewish, Christian, Catholic, and religion or belief whatsoever. The issue we face is the issue of humanity, morality, law and ethics of war, as well as the actions of any party who has exceeded kepatutannya. Human tragedy and untold human suffering is also associated with a sense of responsibility from the leaders, who either directly or indirectly, has made this human tragedy continues.

Frankly, Indonesia has consistently and firmly supports the independence of Palestine. The world should really give certainty to the formation of an independent Palestinian state and sovereign, and is recognized by the world community. Also Palestinian state living in peace with Israel, and also with the neighboring countries. The concept of "two countries in the area of peace" is a concept that I believe to be the concept of perspective and realistic and could be realized.

With spectacle and bad examples of conflict, war and violence as we are witnessing today, or also in the previous years, the children of any nation, including our young children, yes that's taught like a life in a world that must executed. In fact, for nearly ten years I invited the people of Indonesia, including the Indonesian Muslims, to always love peace, brotherhood, tolerance and harmony. I also fought tenaciously to combat radicalism, extremism and terrorism on Indonesian soil. I am also actively organized and participated in a forum for dialogue between religions and civilizations both in Indonesia and in various international forums. I also pioneered and lead the resolution of conflicts in a peaceful and democratic Indonesia, including the conflicts in Aceh and Papua, inter-and intra-communal conflicts of religion, as well as conflicts of interest with other nations, including border disputes with neighboring countries. I have also gone to great lengths to keep and maintain a moderate line of Indonesian Islam, harmonious and tolerant, in the midst of global influences often propagate radicalism, extremism and terrorism. I realize that it can not "to be taken for granted", but we must continue to watch and try manifestations. In short I struggled to bring the Indonesian people to love peace, uphold the values ​​of democracy and humanity, as well as tolerance and can build friendships and partnerships with other nations. That supposedly said universal values ​​taught by wise men in the world.

What is happening in Gaza and elsewhere in the Middle East or North Africa today, is associated with the mission and the challenges I face in Indonesia, you can imagine how hard I took on the tasks of glory. What should I say to hundreds of millions of people of Indonesia? How not to appear more radical groups in our country and even in many countries, because they feel defeated and humiliated, so must choose and take its own way in the fight for justice which he believed. I am sure that I face tough challenges also faced by many other world leaders, including political leaders, government leaders, leaders of humanitarian organizations and religious leaders. I was worried, because ignorance and lack of responsibility of us all, the generations born today will become the generation that is hard, full of resentment and hatred. It could also be the generation of a bloodthirsty and war. If this were born and took place in the 21st century, then the establishment of peace and international security into the spirit and soul of the United Nations, would only be something very illusive.

With it all, my views and concrete suggestions as leader of Indonesia is that in a matter of days, if necessary, within hours, the determinants of world peace and security, the UN Security Council, particularly the Veto holder, and key countries in the Middle East , immediately sit down together and really could impose cease-fire. His passion is "making peace". After the cease-fire can be realized, immediately intensified humanitarian aid and the political process more inclusive and conclusive. Do not until after the war that the difficulty could be terminated, the political process was forgotten again. Do not repeat past mistakes. Listen to the cry of the Palestinian people, mainly living in the Gaza Strip who have suffered enough as a result of the blockade imposed so far, as well as Fatah and Hamas view that hopefully more unified, realistic and constructive. Listen to the people of Israel also hopes that is not haunted by the fear of all time, God willing, after neighbors became independent and sovereign state. The conflict between the nations will end, in my opinion, if the independence of Palestine has actually achieved and then Israel does not feel threatened by it. Surely Israel increasingly has the heart and spirit of friendship, and not always be superior because it feels much more powerful country. Other countries should also be concerned, motivated and contribute to the realization of these noble ideals. Indonesia offered and always ready to be involved in the termination process of this important human tragedy.

This was my brothers nations of the world, the history of open opportunities. Let us not waste it, so we are not condemned and blamed by future generations by our children and grandchildren.

Congratulations ldul Fitri 1435 Hijri to the Muslims in Palestine may Allah SWT always provide protection and His help. Also the sign of peace and friendship to all religious communities and nations worldwide.

Jakarta, July 29, 2014
DR. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

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