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The existence of the United States military base in Darwin. A serious threat to the stability of Indonesia s security?
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Jokowi may reshuffle Cabinet: Researcher

President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo following the Jakarta gubernatorial election discussed the possibility of a Cabinet reshuffle as a consolidation test for his administration, a researcher said on Sunday.

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» Press Release: Forum Diaspora Membagi

Press Release: Forum Diaspora Membagi

Indonesian Diaspora Network (IDN) - Manila, an umbrella of the Indonesian diaspora in Manila organized the so-called Forum Diaspora Membagi on Saturday, April 1, 2017. Chairman of the IDN-Manila, Said Zaidansyah, informed that this forum was expected to be a platform for the diaspora to share information, knowledge and experience with others in addition to be a networking forum for the Indonesian diaspora in Manila.

By: Erlangga Pratama *)
Successful Election in 2017 and Improvement Election in 2018 Agenda

Recapitulations polling of 101 simultaneous elections in 2017 have been announced. The result is not final reminding that 50 among the 101 or 50% of the participants was to dispute election vote count results to the Constitutional Court (MK). The number of lawsuits is less than tort disputes in simultaneous elections which reached 56% or 152 of the 269 elections. Election of the whole lawsuit disputes that go to the Court in 2017, it is estimated only 7 regions are eligible threshold margin. This refers to the provisions of Law 10 Year 2016 on the election and the Constitutional Court Regulation No. 1 Year 2017 regarding Guidelines for Proceedings in the Dispute Election Results where filing a lawsuit must meet a threshold percentage margin, from 0.5% to 2% in accordance with the number of residents in the area.

By: Otjih Sewandarijatun *)
It Needs Government Firmness to Handle Radical Organization

In early 2016, Badrodin Haiti who was serving as Chief of Police, once on the occasion of the National Gathering of 90 Years of Gontor in Tangerang, said that there were three groups of radical organizations in Indonesia, Jemaah Islamiyah, TawhidWal Jihad, and NII. Haiti has identified 21 supporters of ISIS organization in Indonesia, 15 of them are Eastern Majelis Mujahidin Indonesia, the WestIndonesian Mujahidin, Ring Banten, JamaahAnsharutTauhid, Jamaat al-Tawhidwal-Jihad, supporters and defenders of the Islamic State, Jemaah AnsauriDaulah, Ma'hadAnsyarullah, LaskarDinullah, Tawhid Movement Lamongan, HalawiMa'mun Group, AnsharulKhilafah East Java, IS Aceh, the Brotherhood MuahidIndonesifilJazirah al-Muluk, and Khilafatul Muslims. These data certainly surprised all and prove that the real radicalism factually and potentially become a national threat.

By: Lieutenant General (Ret) Soedibyo *)
Approaching the Ballot of the Second Round of the Regional Election of Jakarta

Following  to the official release of the result of the first round of the Regional Election of Jakarta  on February 27, 2017, it has been  definitely clear that the Regional Election of Jakarta should  be implemented in two round with the rivalry between the pair of Ahok-Djarot against Anies-Sandiaga in the second round.  Based on the record  of the ballot in the first round of The Regional Election of Jakarta on February 15, 2017  both pairs of Ahok-Djarot and Anies-Sandiaga are considered as the eligible Candidates who have to compete in  the further ballot to be decided who is the winner.   Assuming that the main groupings of Political Parties in first round do not change,  the struggle of Ahok-Djarot and Annies-Sandiaga in the second round   will be  to  get the additional votes of the Democratic Party, PAN, PKB, PPP  and around  937.955 votes or around 17,5 % of votes derived from the former voters of AHY – Sylvi in the first round. The former supporters of AHY-Sylvi now are described  as the independent voters that both Ahok-Djarot  and Anies-Sandiaga  would compete to attract them respectively.

by: Iqbal Fadillah, Social and Politics Observer
Mental Revolution to Prevent the Danger of Communism

The term of communism has often been confused with international communism. Communism or Marxism is the ideological base that is generally used by communist parties around the world. while the international communist ideology is a concoction derived from Lenin's thought so that it can also be called "Marxism-Leninism". Generally communism grounded in the theory of Materialism Dialectic and Historical Materialism, therefore, not be based on trust myth, superstition and religion as such no provision of the doctrine to the masses, with the principle that "religion is considered an opiate" that makes people daydream that restrict people from thinking other ideologies because they are irrational and out of the real thing (the truth of the material).

By: Ardian Wiwaha *)
Togetherness in Deradicalization

The discussion of the meaning of today's de-radicalization is still quite controversial. This is caused by the emergence of non-scientific thinking and the assumption of some groups who consider that the de-radicalization project only western interests.

By: Jelita Chantiqa*)
Spreading the Radicalism: Real Threat to Sovereignty of Indonesia

As we all know now Indonesiais facing a strong challenge in the various fields of social life of nation and state as the nation's pluralistic, then we need mutual respect for differences and further enhance the unity of unity amongst the nation so that the challenges we can face together but on the contrary if the unity and integrity of our fragile then the harmony of internal and inter-religious problems are easily infiltrated by the understanding of radicals who want to make fundamental changes including ideology should have been final and incontestable by anyone of any group that recognizes itself as Indonesian citizens.

Jokowi criticized for not taking side of indigenous people

Participants of the fifth congress of the Indigenous People’s Alliance of the Archipelago (AMAN) on Saturday evaluated President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s nine-point priority agenda, known as Nawacita, coming to the conclusion that it had not yet served the interests of indigenous people in Indonesia.

Students in Papua asks government to close Freeport

Around 400 students from a number of campuses took to the street here on Monday asking the government to close PT Freeport Indonesia, which has big copper and gold mines in Papua.

By: Kurniadi *)
The Possibilities of Brazen Cohort Terror Attacks Still Strong

The group, through Bahrun, inspired five more attacks in the following months, some of which turned deadly. An attack by a lone wolf inspired by IS angered the nation on Nov. 13 when a bomb exploded at the Oikumene Church in Sengkotek subdistrict, Samarinda, killing a two-year-old toddler, identified as Intan Olivia, and injuring three other toddlers. The police also voided three plots to attack the State Palace, an unspecified location in Bali and a police station in Tangerang, Banten, in December after arresting 21 terrorists in West Java, Central Java, Banten, North Sumatra, West Sumatra and Batam ahead of Christmas.

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Press Release: Forum Diaspora Membagi

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Author : Hendrajit, Dkk
Japanese Militarism : Japan, Between Love And Resentment

A book entitled Japanese Militarism and Its War Crimes in Asia Pacific Region (Hendrajit, ed) was recently sent to me, by the publisher, The Global Future Institute. No doubt, this book made me re-think and recollect my trip to Japan in 1996. At that time, I was warmly received by Japanese families who became my host, invited to travel to various places, and bought souvenirs. The psycological effect of my short visit is that it is hard to imagine that the Japanese people were cruel ones, perpetrators of the massacre of our ancestors, raping Indonesian girls, making them as prostitutes and enslaving our grandfathers to work on various projects.

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