» Indonesia and Indian Ocean geopolitics » Reports of world class athletes' doping allegations potentially used as a political tool to destroy the reputation of competitors' athletes » Saudi Arabia's geopolitical strategy in cooperating with Japan-Indonesia-China to secure Silk Road » North Korea's medium range missile launch increasingly escalates conflict on the Korean Peninsula » Tatars still played by western countries to destabilize Russia
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The existence of the United States military base in Darwin. A serious threat to the stability of Indonesia s security?
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Army adding 28,000 soldiers by end of September

The U.S. Army wants you, thousands of you.The Department of the Army has announced it will add 28,000 soldiers to its ranks by Sept. 30, 2017, bringing the total Army to 1,018,000 soldiers.

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China finishing first domestic CV-17 aircraft carrier and preparing catapults for next CV-18 carrier

The second PLAN aircraft carrier, CV-17 is in advanced stages of construction at Dalian Shipbuilding in northeastern China. It will be the first aircraft carrier built entirely in China. The Liaoning was purchased from the Ukraine in the late 1990s and towed to China for an extensive rebuild.

Defense minister opposes voting rights for TNI members

Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu has opposed a proposal to allow military personnel to vote in elections because it would disrupt their solidity.

The Bird of Kasuari will appear jointly with the bird of Cenderawasih on the Tribune of Papua

TNI Headquarters is planning to built the new Military Area Command in the Province of West Papua,  namely  the XVIII/Kasuari Military Area Command, beside the XVII/Cenderawasih Military Area Command  in the Province of Papua.

Indonesian Army Wins AASAM Shooting Competition in Australia

The Indonesian Army contingent has won the Australian Army Skills at the Arms Meeting (AASAM) shooting competition in Australia by grabbing 23 gold medals.

The Readiness of Komodo 2016 Inspect by Chief of The Indonesian Navy

The upcoming of Komodo 2016 which will be opened by President Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo in Padang, West Sumatera. Chief of The Indonesian Navy Admiral Ade Supandi inspect of the readiness a series of Komodo 2016, Monday (11/4/2016) in hotel Inna Muara, Padang, West Sumatera.

Japan doubles number of F-15s on Okinawa
Japan has doubled the number of F-15 fighter jets deployed on the southern island of Okinawa, near disputed islands in the East China Sea, the Defense Ministry said Sunday.

Is A Military Operations Other Than War Needed?
Based on Law Number 34 Year 2004 about The Indonesia Military in Article 7 mentioned the principal task of the military is to uphold state sovereignty, defend the territorial integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia based on Pancasila and the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia Year 1945, as well as to protect the people and the country of Indonesia from threats and disruption to the integrity of the nation and the state. 

Defense ministers of Korea, Japan to meet Tuesday

Defense Minister Han Min-koo and his Japanese counterpart, Gen Nakatani, will hold talks in Seoul on Oct. 20, the Ministry of National Defense said Friday.

US, South Korea ignore Pyongyang's warnings, begin joint military exercise
Soldiers from South Korea and the United States began joint military drills Monday in the face of threats from Pyongyang of "the strongest military counteraction." The annual Ulchi Freedom Guardian (UFG) exercises between South Korean and American soldiers involve about 80,000 soldiers and is aimed at preparing the South to defend itself from any attack by North Korea.

Indonesia soon to field new submarine killer unit

The Indonesian Navy will re-establish an anti-submarine warfare (ASW) aviation squadron, according to IHS Jane’s Defense Weekly.

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The US military maneuvers in the Korean Peninsula must immediately be resisted by the Indonesia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and political and security stakeholders

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Seeking South Korea-North Korea peaceful solutions inspired from 1955 Bandung Declaration

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Togetherness in Deradicalization

Spreading the Radicalism: Real Threat to Sovereignty of Indonesia

Jokowi criticized for not taking side of indigenous people

Indonesia and Indian Ocean geopolitics

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Reports of world class athletes' doping allegations potentially used as a political tool to destroy the reputation of competitors' athletes

The Possibilities of Brazen Cohort Terror Attacks Still Strong

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The Rise of Communism in Indonesia’s Political Constellation

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Author : Hendrajit, Dkk
Japanese Militarism : Japan, Between Love And Resentment

A book entitled Japanese Militarism and Its War Crimes in Asia Pacific Region (Hendrajit, ed) was recently sent to me, by the publisher, The Global Future Institute. No doubt, this book made me re-think and recollect my trip to Japan in 1996. At that time, I was warmly received by Japanese families who became my host, invited to travel to various places, and bought souvenirs. The psycological effect of my short visit is that it is hard to imagine that the Japanese people were cruel ones, perpetrators of the massacre of our ancestors, raping Indonesian girls, making them as prostitutes and enslaving our grandfathers to work on various projects.

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