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By: Toni Ervianto *)
The Increase in Fuel, Electricity and Vehicle Registration; the Healthful Bitter Pills

Early in 2017 there was a big increase in a number of public services as a result of government policy, including rising fuel prices, administrative costs for the maintenance of vehicle registration, BPKB and electricity tariff. This decision received a mixed response from the public. Even a number of protestswere held by students on behalf of the All Indonesia Student Executive Board (BEM SI). They urged the government to evaluate the policies pursued by weighing the current state of society. This is reasonable considering the student is critically important force for democracy and being a voice for the people in expressing their aspirations. However, of course, for anyone who gives a response to the policies pursued by the government needs to be open and fully understand the background and substance of policy decisions. This is important in order to avoid erroneous perception that would be counterproductive for the interests of the masses.

By: Toni Ervianto*)
Beware of OPM Political Maneuver

On January 6, 2017 the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia (Consulate) in Melbourne, Australia breached by the alleged activists or sympathizers of the Free Papua Movement. Perpetrators climbed over the fence Consulate General in Melbourne as high as 2.5 meters at 13.00 local time by using the momentum of the implementation of the Friday prayer worship. For a few seconds actors could breach the Morning Star flag which is a symbol of Papuan independence movement in the arena Consulate and documenting the action. This has provoked an outcry from the Indonesian government and denounced it as a criminal act that can not be tolerated.

By: Wildan Nasution *)
Counteracting Radicalism in Social Media

In 2012, a research institute sponsored by the United States Air Force conduct research on the strategy of propaganda and manipulation through social media networks. The researchers sought to find out how people's minds can be changed and his view of the world. This study found that the web and social media networks are essential take part in the life of every individual and can develop into a weapon of mass persuasion. However, the researchers despite knowing that social media and web networks have devastating effect on the mind and the society's perspective, they also said the difficulty in dealing with the impact of rapid change.

By: Otjih Sewandarijatun *)
Ahok Case and 4thIslam Acts Action Potential

It was never imagined that there would be reaction among Muslims such a massive on the issue of religion defamation. It is estimated that hundreds of thousands to millions of people rallied in various areas demanding that BasukiTjahajaPurnama or Ahok soon be trial over allegations of religion defamation. Although Ahok has apologized on October 10th, 2016 about words considered as insulting Al-Quran and the clarification that he did not mean to insult Islam, does not necessarily make the problems already surfaced ceased. In fact, the demand that Ahok dragged to court even more powerful is accompanied by a wave of protests that is popular with the 1stIslam Acts Action(October 14, 2016), the 2ndIslam Acts Actionor action 411 in front of the Palace by the hundreds of thousands of Muslims, and 3rdIslam Acts Actionor Action 212 "Super Peace" the end of 2016.

By: Wildan Nasution *)
Resolve Issue of 2017 Election in Papua

The preparation of the 2017 elections in some areas still marked by a number of issues that should be promoted to be completed so as not to obstruct the implementation of the 2017 elections. A number of 2017 pre-election problems  until the end of 2016 also occurred in several districts in Papua. The 2017 Election Issues in Papua deserves attention because as one of the areas that otherwise have high vulnerability index in The Supervisory Board of Elections version, the problems in Papua elections if not resolved will be a "political ammunition" which undermine the development of democratization in Indonesia, even internationalized by interest groups.

By: Amril Jambak *)
Notes Related to 2017 Election

According to the authors, there are several problems of 2017 elections which unresolved and can still be found at the provincial, district, and city that will host the fifth annual celebration of democracy. The most crucial problemsand needs to be addressed, among others, the continuing problems of the budget; the invalidity of DPT; Election disputes; as well as security issues. The problemsneed to get the direction or order of the President as the Head of State tothe stakeholders of 2017 elections to be resolved, so that the elections in 2017can be democratic and full of integrity.

By: Herdiansyah Rahman *)
Is The Preparation of 2017 Regional Election Chaotic?

Should there be no problem, the 2017 simultaneous elections will be held on February 15, 2017. Seven provinces will hold Governor Election, namely Aceh, West Papua, Papua, West Sulawesi, Banten, Jakarta and Babel, and in 76 districts will elect the Regents and in 18 cities to elect the mayors.

Failed to Understand, HTI Wants to Replace Pancasila with Caliphate

In various mass media, both printed and online, and in discussions carried out both by various circles of national issues observers, there is a controversial issue especially among the youth related to the existence of Hizbut-Tahrir Indonesia or better known as HTI that considers the Caliphate system as the only system that must be applied on earth and under one command.

By: HerdiansyahRahman

If nothing gets in the way, the simultaneous election in 2017 will be held in February 15th, 2016 in 7 provinces with the gubernatorial election, such as Aceh, West Papua, Papua, West Sulawesi, Banten, Jakarta and Bangka Belitung, 76 districts with the regent election and 18 cities with mayor election.

By: Ahya Firmansyah
Trust the Legal Process 100%

The development of the Defending Islamic rally should be stopped. No more rally is required. The demonstrators no longer have any reason for rally as their demands are met. On this matter, Police Chief Tito Karnavian already made an official statement that this case should be entrusted to the legal procedures so it will not harm the law itself, because we are a law-based state where the law must be upheld. Ahok case has been handed over to the Attorney General for further process and trial. The fact that Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok) is not detained although he was named suspect, is due to his candidacy in the 2017 election, and therefore he has the right to hold campaign until there is a verdict.

By : Stanislaus Riyanta
Preventing ISIS from coming into South East Asia

Coalition forces in Iraq and Syria began to reclaim the territories controlled by ISIS. Mosul, a city that becomes ISIS defense center, is now overpowered by Iraqi forces. Previously, city of Dabiq, one of ISIS important city was seized by Syrian liberation forces supported by the Turkish military. Aleppo, ISIS defense city in Syria, has also beenseized by Syrian troops. The seizure of Mosul, Aleppo, Dabiq and other areas is a sign of ISIS defeat.

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Author : Hendrajit, Dkk
Japanese Militarism : Japan, Between Love And Resentment

A book entitled Japanese Militarism and Its War Crimes in Asia Pacific Region (Hendrajit, ed) was recently sent to me, by the publisher, The Global Future Institute. No doubt, this book made me re-think and recollect my trip to Japan in 1996. At that time, I was warmly received by Japanese families who became my host, invited to travel to various places, and bought souvenirs. The psycological effect of my short visit is that it is hard to imagine that the Japanese people were cruel ones, perpetrators of the massacre of our ancestors, raping Indonesian girls, making them as prostitutes and enslaving our grandfathers to work on various projects.

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