Ukraine and Turkey Manipulate Islam for Supporting Tatar Ethnic Crimea as Separatist Group

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Hendrajit, Geopolitics Expert and Executive Director of Global Future Institute (GFI)

Paper presented at PadjadjaranUniversity (UNPAD) Model United Nations 2018, on 7 May 2018.

In 2014 through referendum, Crimea officially asked to join Russia Federal Republic. However, after being in power during the US and European Union backed government of President Potro Poroshenko, rejected the result of Crimea’s referendum and accused Russia of annexing the Crimean Peninsula.

On the basis of its political standpoint, Ukraine decided to support the Muslim-based Tatar ethnic group which is 12 percent of the population in Crimea, as the separatist group asking to separate itself as an autonomous political entity. But the scheme designed by Kiev, is to create the favorable condition to bring back Crimea to Ukraine.


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And then Ukraine politicize the issues of Tatar ethnic Crimea in the international forum such as Organization of Islamci Conference (OIC). The Tatar has been used as a political tool to politicize Islam while dividing the cohesiveness Of Muslim in various parts of the world.

As shown through the Turkish’s maneuver before the Fasting month Ramadhan last year, the Turkish minister of foreign affairs held talks with some Kiev-backed Tatar figures named Aidar Rostanov and the Chairman of Ulama Sulaeman Hairulaev.

They claimed themselves to be members of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People and Islamic organizations. In reality, they are Kiev-led agents having been used by Ukraine in order to separate Crimea from Russia, and rejoin to Ukraine again.

Unfortunately, Turkey as the predominatly Muslim country, has spearheaded the interest of Ukraine by supporing the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People to be accepted as OIC member.

Several steps made by the Turkey’s government. Firstly, to politicize the Tatar issue through the meeting of the Parliament Speakers in 2016. Through the meeting, Turkey urged the OIC to acknowledge and accept the membership of the Mejlis of the Crimea Tatar People in the OIC forum.   

The silent operation of the Turkey supporting the Tatar ethnic with which is actually the agents of Kiev, in its development could divide the cohesion of Islamic countries joining the OIC.

Thus in turn, OIC is no longer seen as an independent Islamic State Organization. OIC is threatened to create a bad precedent in the future. To use Islam as a religion as the political tool for supporting separatism or separatist movement.

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